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Fulcrum Signet Ring

Fulcrum Signet Ring

The Fulcrum Signet Ring - a subtle symbol of HOPE.

Ahsoka developed “Fulcrum” in an effort to aid those who needed help. Later, we find that others also took on the secret position of Fulcrum—all in the name of rebelling against unjust oppressors and saving those who could not save themselves.

I believe we can all be Fulcrum. We can all stand for what is right and help those who are in need. We can all make decisions in our everyday lives to make a positive change even if it’s just by one small gesture.

The best part is, Fulcrum needs no recognition—it’s always about doing good for the sake of doing good…and that is simply enough.

This signet ring is inspired by everything that Ahsoka, Ghost Crew, and the entire Rebel alliance stands for!

The Fulcrum Signet Ring is solid 925 sterling silver with white gold plating. The signet's face measures 10mm in height. It will come with a black leatherette ring box and a black outer packer box. Lastly, each ring will come with a polishing cloth, so if your ring becomes a little tarnished with everyday wear, you can polish it right up again!

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