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King of Crime Limited Edition Enamel Pin

King of Crime Limited Edition Enamel Pin

Renowned for his vast criminal empire and ruthless demeanor, Jabba commands immense power and influence across the galaxy. His control extends from illicit trade and smuggling to gambling and bounty hunting, making him a formidable force in underworld dealings. Jabba epitomizes the shadowy underbelly of the galaxy, showcasing the intricate interplay between power, wealth, and corruption.
Limited to just 35 pieces, this masterpiece will never be replicated, ensuring its status as the crown jewel of your collection of scum and villainy.

  • 4 inches in width
  • Hard enamel
  • Screen printed details
  • Flocking (fuzzy/textured) accents
  • Stained glass effects
  • Quadruple posted
  • LE # laser-engraved
  • Antique copper plating
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