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Oneness Sticker

Oneness Sticker


A SW inspired pin that represents SO much more. “ONENESS” had a lot of thought woven into its design.
It all started with the idea that when we pass on…we become one with the Force… we are a continual cycle of living energy—hence the circular shape. There are subtle silver orbs placed like that of electrons in an oxygen atom and a glimpse of the geometric flower of life. They both represent the basis of life and creation.

I wanted this design to hold meaning for anyone because when it comes down to it, we are all made up of the same matter, and when we pass on…if our memory remains with those we love, are we really gone?

  • Measures 2" x  2"
  • Sticker is transparent!
  • UV PROTECTED LAMINATE Satin UV layer to protect your stickers against fading, cracking or peeling. This layer is also scratch resistant.
  • INK LAYER Rich and vibrant colors.
  • PRINTABLE VINYL Has a 5 year durability and the vinyl can be stretched slightly to help adhere to curves.
  • WATERPROOF ADHESIVE Your sticker won't come off in the rain, snow or the side of a boat! They can even be run through the dishwasher.
  • REMOVABLE BACKING PAPER Easy to peel silicon coated backing paper protects the adhesive until you're ready to put your sticker on something.
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