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The Defector

The Defector

Part of The Insurgent Series--Alexsandr Kallus, once a loyal ISB agent, changed allegiances after experiencing the Empire’s atrocities and finding kinship and camaraderie in, his once enemies, the Ghost Crew. He then played a pivotal role in the Fulcrum initiative, where he lent his insider knowledge to aid the rebel cause. Kallus’ journey is a complex one, showcasing the internal conflict within loyalists of the empire and how it’s constantly at risk of cracking and leaking. His shift from antagonist to a key ally underscores the theme of redemption and the impact of how seemly small personal choices can change the entire course of the future.

  • Measures 2" tall  and comes with 2 rubber backings
  • Glass effects
  • UV Pprinting
  • Matte silver plating
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