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The Optimist

The Optimist

Omega, the newest member of Clone Force 99, brought a fresh perspective and unwavering optimism to the team. She quickly became an integral member using her resourcefulness and quick thinking to aid her brothers in their missions. Born and raised on the clone production facility on Kamino, Omega possessed an innate understanding of clone troopers and their unique abilities. Her genetic makeup was especially unique, in that it made her one of the very few female clones…amongst other desirable traits. Despite her young age, Omega possessed an unwavering loyalty to her brothers and her commitment to the rebellion showcased her bravery and determination, making her an indispensable member of Clone Force 99.

  • Measures 2" tall  and comes with 2 rubber backings
  • Glass effects
  • UV Pprinting
  • Matte silver plating
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