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The Protector

The Protector

Kanan Jarrus stood as a stalwart protector amidst the chaos of galactic conflict. As a Jedi Knight and survivor of Order 66, Kanan wielded his lightsaber not only in battle against the oppressive Galactic Empire but also as a shield for those he cared about. His selfless acts of bravery and sacrifice, coupled with his wisdom and guidance, ensured the safety of his family aboard the Ghost and inspired hope amidst darkness. Kanan's role as a protector, both in combat and in nurturing the next generation of Jedi, solidified his importance in the Rebellion's fight for freedom and justice across the galaxy.

  • Measures 2" tall  and comes with 2 rubber backings
  • Glass effects
  • UV Pprinting
  • Matte silver plating
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