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The Technician

The Technician

Echo (CT-1409), was an incredible asset with his unmatched technological expertise and unwavering loyalty to his brothers. After being captured and turned into a cyborg by the Empire, Echo's determination to fight against tyranny only grew stronger. Despite the Empire's attempts to use him as a tool of war, Echo refused to abandon his principles. Instead, he joined the Bad Batch, using his technological skills to aid in their fight against the Empire. His decision to fight back against the very forces that had exploited him showcased his resilience and unwavering commitment to justice. Echo's journey from captive to rebel was a powerful testament to the indomitable spirit of the clones and their refusal to be used as pawns in the Empire's schemes.

  • Measures 2" tall  and comes with 2 rubber backings
  • Glass effects
  • UV Pprinting
  • Matte silver plating
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