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Transcendent Light Enamel Pin

Transcendent Light Enamel Pin

Transcendent Light - A tribute to the Two Trees of Valinor

Laurelin (gold) & Telperion (silver) were sung into being by Yavanna (a goddess) in the blessed realm of Valinor. Besides starlight, they were the only source of light for all of Adra (Earth). They’d take turns casting their light upon the lands thus creating dawn and dusk.

Although they were eventually destroyed by Melkor (AKA Morgoth—Whom Sauron served) and Ungoliant (a massive spider—mother to Shelob), their essence was saved within a few drops of dew. From this, Fëanor (an Elf King) created three Silmarils, jewels that were desired by all for their radiant beauty and light.

This is a brief summary of The Two Trees as written about in Tolkien’s The Silmarillion—A collection of tales and histories that set the foundation for The Lord of the Rings!

  • Measures 2 inches
  • Triple posted
  • Polished duel plating
  • Pressed pearl hard enamel
  • Crystal accent
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